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With the influx of home DIY shows, home improvement blogs, tutorials and home decorating magazines, many decorating enthusiasts find themselves tempted to try their hand at making major updates around the house.

Doing a home renovation or decorating project yourself certainly can reduce initial costs, however many projects may at first appear easier to complete than they actually are. I can't even begin to tell you the number of calls and emails I receive from homeowners who realize they've bitten off more than they can chew with their decorating projects. Typically by the time they decide to call in an expert for help, they've made several costly design decisions that could have easily been avoided with the help of a professional at the onset of the project.

You may be surprised to learn that hiring a pro may actually save you money in the long term. Working with an interior designer not only adds a polished finished to your design project or renovation, it can also save you lots of headache, heartache and time.

Here are 3 important factors to consider before when determining if you should embark upon your design project on your own:


The first thing you need to consider is the complexity of the project at hand.  Are you simply adding decorative pillows and a fresh coat of paint or are you looking to update the entire space by getting new furnishings, flooring, lighting, etc.?  If your project leans more towards the latter of the two, you may want to call in a pro. Updating your entire space typically calls for space planning, custom furniture design, accessories, as well as lighting and color selection.

A designer's job, through use of their experience, resources and expertise, is to inspire and help guide you through design decisions to ensure the best possible outcome for your space.

 A design professional is skilled at taking a design project from the inspiration phase to the implementation phase while anticipating any possible hurdles along the way.


Another important factor in determining how to proceed with your project is time.  Before getting started, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I really have the time to dedicate to this project? 
  • Do I have the time to research furnishing, determine the best options, purchase and install items necessary to successfully complete this project?
  • Do I have the time to manage this project correctly (i.e arrange deliveries, work with contractors, perform quality inspections on contractors work, schedule and oversee installations, etc) ?

If you've answered "yes" to these questions, a DIY project may be right up your alley.  However, if your answer to any of the above questions is "no," you may want to give hiring a design professional some serious consideration.

Today's modern society demands so much of our time.  From meetings at work to kids' activities to community events,  time is the one thing we all find ourselves wishing we had more of.   Although many of us have had to become pros at juggling responsibilities,  a wise juggler knows when not add an extra "ball" to the act, so to speak.

Hiring an interior designer saves you a ton of time. This is what we do! We are familiar with an array of furnishing, textile and wall covering options and have go-to sources, experienced contractors and installers ready to serve our clients' needs. 


Budgets are important not only for d├ęcor; they will also help you form realistic expectations for the cost of the total project. If your project does not require working with tradesmen, contractors and you are clear on your budget and the direction you want to go in, proceeding with the DIY route may be suitable for your project.

However, if you need help establishing your budget, working with a design professional is the perfect choice. Once established, your budget will serve as a tool to allow your designer to propose timely realistic solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget, saving you both time and money.

Did you know that there are brands and resources that are only available to design professionals and not to the general public? Often through the use of designer discounts and offers available only "to the trade," working with an Interior Designer can end up actually saving you money.   

Whether you choose to work with a designer or not, you must determine what your budget is before you embark upon any project. 


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If you’re not sure whether your design project is a candidate for DIY or if it requires the help of a design professional, a good way to make a determination is by booking a consultation with an Interior Designer.  

During a consultation, a design professional will assess your space and let you know how they can best help bring your vision to life. It's a great staring point for your project!

The prospect of decorating a single room or an entire home can often seem like an
overwhelming undertaking. However, the anticipation of a newly designed space that
meets your aesthetic and functional expectations is an exciting experience
The prospect of decorating a single room or an entire home can often seem like an
overwhelming undertaking. However, the anticipation of a newly designed space that
The prospect of decorating a single room or an entire home can often seem like an overwhelming challenge. However, working with a professional designer relieves the stress of that challenge and makes the anticipation of a well designed, unique space that meets your style and needs an exciting experience.

Want to learn more about the design consultations I offer and how they can help you on your way to creating a space you love? Let's chat! Contact me to book your consultation today.

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