Thursday, January 28, 2016


As more and more people desire spaces that are unique and truly reflect their own personalities, cookie cutter interior designed spaces and furniture "sets" have quickly become thing of the past. The most common request I receive when working with clients to revamp their space is that they want to come home to a space that "doesn't look too matchy-matchy.

Mixing finishes is key for a look that appears more "collected over time" versus one that looks like it was taken straight from the furniture showroom. When you mix furniture finishes in a room, it creates an organic sense of confidence. Now I know mixing finishes may sound daunting, however I promise that the tips I share with you today will have you ready to mix finishes like a pro in a no time.

Here are my Top 4 Tips on How to Mix Furniture Finishes in Your Bedroom  

Tip #1: Contrast is Important

When decorating your bedroom with wood furniture, do not use furnishings that all have the exact same finish. Nothing in your room will stand out when all of the surfaces in a room are the exact same finish. Whether subtle, or dramatic (as seen below), contrast in furnishings is important when decorating because it creates depth and interest in the room.

Tip #2 Count and Repeat Finishes in the Space

Use no more than 2-3 different finishes in a space. Repeat each finish a couple of times throughout the room. Your space will feel more balanced. In the photo below, the white finish on the dresser is repeated in the space creating a perfect symmetry as they flank the vintage wooden desk.

Tip #3: Use a Rug to Soften the Contrast

Area rugs can be a great transition point between different tones of wood.  The rug serves as buffer between the two pieces (i.e. the wood floor and the contrasting wood furniture in the room).

Tip #4: Select an Anchor Piece in A Finish You Like

Take inventory of your room's furnishings and determine which piece will be your "anchor piece. Remember, this piece of furniture will set the tone for the room's design aesthetic. Once in place, the room's design is typically built around the anchor piece. In the bedroom pictured below, the "anchor piece" is the antique bed in the dark wood finish.

So are you ready to give your room a fresh and unique?  Give using different furnishing finishes a try in your space and let me know how it turns out. Contact me here. I'd love to hear from you!