Monday, October 19, 2015


Let's be honest.  If I asked you to describe what your dream bedroom would like look, I'm sure very few, if any, would envision a bedroom with walls painted black.  Black walls in the bedroom is definitely a daring and dramatic look not many would attempt to pull off.

While dark interiors are certainly not for the faint of heart, when done right they can be elegant and sophisticated.

If you're feeling up for the challenge and considering taking the plunge, I've come up with 3 tips you'll need to make sure your space reads elegant instead of gothic.

Designer Tip #1: 

The key to pulling of a dark interior is to make sure you add lots of contrasting bright white.

Designer Tip #2: 

Incorporate reflective surfaces like mirrors, gilded or silver frames.

Designer Tip #3: 

Keep window treatments light in color and allow light to filter the room.  Use natural light or artificial light via lamps or chandelier to ensure the room doesn't begin to feel like a cave.  

The moody hue makes such a huge design statement! Here's a round up of my favorite black bedrooms. You'll see that elements of the 3 designer tips can be found in each of the inspiration photos below.

These amazing bedrooms are perfect examples of when taking a design risk pays off.  Aren't the rooms stunning?

Looking for more ways to reinvent your space?  Need help making over your space? Let's chat! Contact me today.

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