Monday, October 5, 2015


When it comes to furnishing a living space, the console table is one of the most valuable and versatile pieces to decorate with.  Their slender, rectangular shape makes them ideal for adding storage and style in narrow places around the house.

1. Optimize Your Storage

In this narrow entryway I designed, I added a dark wood console table and bright bold color to create a welcoming feel in the home. The drawers are perfect for storing house keys and last minute items to grab on the way out of the door each day. The open underside of the console is a great place to house baskets for shoes, hats, and mittens or even a bench for extra seating, as I did in this space.

2. Create an Interesting Focal Point 

To create an eye catching focal point in your space,  incorporate items of varied height on the table's surface. Then, to add character, accessorize with the personal touches like family photos, a map from a recent trip or even a framed program from an event you may have attended. These details are all great examples of unique conversation starters you can use to style the space.

3. Oversized Art /Mirror + Pair of Lamps = Amazing Console Styling 

Trust me. This formula works without fail every time.  Just have a look at the set of photos below. You'll see that in addition to layering in accessories, the console is decorated using the tried and true technique - a set of matching table lamps plus a large scale piece of art or a mirror. 

4. Place it Behind A Sofa

Console tables work great behind sofas too.  Their height makes them perfect for placing table lamps on. The table lamps are also  a nice alternative to using overhead lighting.  

5. Make Your Own Vanity

Add mirrored glass to the top of a wood console to transform it into an instant vanity table.

6. Keep the Party Going!

A console table can really help out during dinner parties and gatherings at home too.  Set up a buffet style spread with your favorite drinks and appetizers to allow guests easy access to food.

7. Instant Work Surface

You can also use a console table as a convenient work surface for your lap top. Just park the console table in front of a window to create your own "office with a view."

8. Add Drama + Create an Optical Illusion

Placing a large scale mirror behind a console table adds drama to an entryway and gives the visual appearance of a larger space. The simple elegance of the styled console table and floor to ceiling mirror in the entryway pictured below makes the room design one of my favorite examples of using a console table to add elegance to a space.

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