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Adding just a few sentimental pieces when styling and decorating your shelves is a great way to infuse your personality in your living space.  

Creative bookshelf styling is all about adding visual interest.  Using different shaped accessories, textures, and of course, books, placed both vertically and horizontally on each shelf, creates movement for your eye to follow.  Think of it as creating little "moments" or what designers call a "vignette", on each shelf.

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A perfectly styled shelf tells a story.  The books' titles, framed art, and even the accessories chosen all provide subtle hints about your personality.    

 Here are 7 tips I Put Together to Help Style Your Own Bookcase like a Pro: 

1. Layer Objects

For the shelves in Zaria's nursery, I used layers and color to create a fun and cohesive look.  

When selecting items to use on the shelves in the nursery, I looked for interesting shaped items to display. I loved the unique shape, height and size of the decorative acorn and thought it was an interesting touch to add. 

Although I had already decided on a color palette to compliment the room's decor (fuchsia, navy and white), I knew that if I found something I really liked I could always update the color with a quick coat of spray paint.  I ended up doing just that with the 2 small rattan bowls with lids.  I took them from natural to fuchsia in under 20 minutes with 2 quick coats of spray paint!

For a more personal touch, I painted 2 blank canvases and leaned them against the wall in the negative spaces on the shelves. Then I layered each canvas with the herringbone print blue and white chargers. The fuchsia accents provide a nice contrast against the blue and white pieces. I scored the blue bowls at Target and popped in some greenery for a fresh feel. 

I think my favorite piece is actually the cowrie shell necklace on the display stand.  I like to incorporate items that signify our heritage in the spaces in our home. The necklace is both sculptural and gives a global yet whimsical feel to the vignette. 

2. Incorporate Art 

Lean or hang framed art against the back wall of the bookcase to add visual interest to the shelf.

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3. Choose Items that Reflect Your Personality

Small sculptures, souvenirs and other mementos can be displayed among your books to reflect your interests. 

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4. Pick A Color

Decide on a color palette for your accessories then try repeat the chosen colors throughout the display.

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5. Make it Interesting

Break up the monotony of rows and rows of books.  Vases, decorative boxes, bowls and small sculptural pieces are a great way to add color, shape and even texture to your shelves. They look great as bookends too!

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6. Show It Off 

Display a collection or grouping of favorite items.

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7. Stack It Up

Stack your books both vertically and horizontally for a more eye catching display.  You can also use books to elevate items and give your display more visual height.

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Did you find these tips helpful? Ready to put these styling tips to work?  I'd love to see what you come up with! Share your photos with me here.

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