Sunday, October 11, 2015


My decision to convert our master bedroom into a home office/ dressing room, was one of the best design choices I've ever made. I'll admit it was quite an unconventional move, however, I firmly believe that surrounding yourself with things that inspire you is key to creating a productive work space. 

To ensure that my office truly reflected my personality, I layered the space with pieces that I love. 

Just by looking at my office, you can tell that I love fashion, bold colors, lots of detail, rich texture fabric, and classic design with a modern flair. 

Here are 7 important factors to consider when creating your own inspiring work space:


You may be surprised to know how much mood and productivity can be effected by color. Some people find that they are more productive and motivated in spaces with bold bright colors while others prefer more calming, soothing color palettes.   

Determine which colors make you feel happy and at ease and incorporate those colors, via wall paint or accessories, throughout your work space. 

Which of the two photos below appeal to you? The bold and colorful office or the more neutral and calm work space?


Go ahead and pull your desk right up to the window. Natural light increases productivity, productivity and energy.

A glance out the window often provides a much needed opportunity to recharge the mind as well as break from staring at the computer screen. 

I love the desk surrounded by windows in the photo below. The floor to ceiling windows in this home office design really "brings the outside in."


Adding pendant lighting or a chandelier or sconces can really transform the look and feel of a space. I love the chandelier the designer chose in the office design in the photo below. The size and scale of the lighting in this space makes it quite eye catching. While the combination of metal and woven finish adds interest in the space.

Placing the chandelier directly above your work space ensures adequate lighting for the inevitable late night work sessions.


Adding an upholstered piece to your work space adds texture and another layer of design to the space.  When you need a break from sitting at your desk, a chaise or perhaps an upholstered chair is just the space to curl up in.  Be sure to choose a fabric that is durable and soft to touch. 

An inviting upholstered piece makes an office feel like "home."



Having a work surface that accommodates both smaller and large projects was very important for me. I chose a desk top I knew I would be able to spread fabric samples and paint swathes on, and still have room my desk accessories and laptop. 

Also remember that a room can do double duty.  For instance, my home office also doubles as a closet/dressing room. The home office in the photo below is actually in a huge kitchen pantry.   Amazing right?  They've used bright paper boxes to cleverly conceal the office clutter.  An area rug and antique desk provides a dose of cozy in the bright white space. The designer has even incorporated an inspiration board tucked underneath the upper cabinetry.


Whether its a photo of your grandparents, abstract art, or tribal masks from a trip overseas, hang your favorite special moments within eyesight to inspire you while in your work space.  

You can also use an oversized bulletin board to collect and post reminders,  photos, fabrics,  paint swatches and even business cards for current projects.



Keeping your work space clutter free can be challenging.   However, I've found that it is crucial to having a productive office.

With the proper storage and organizational tools, a clutter-free space will keep you up on top of deadlines and ahead of the game. 

Use labels, storage boxes, cubbies, bins, file cabinets and even baskets to sort and organize your office.

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