Thursday, September 3, 2015


Of all of the rooms I've designed and shared, aside from the infamous master bedroom turned dream closet/home office, the glam bedroom below, receives the most email inquiries.  I'm often asked questions about the room's wall color, the quilt, the lampshades and of course, those pillows.

Many are surprised to learn that their favorite pillows in the space (the black and white ones) did not start out as pillows at all.  

They are actually cloth napkins I made into easy no-sew pillows. Here's how they looked before I worked my no-sew magic.

I don't think DIYs get any easier than this one.

To make each pillow, I used fusible bonding tape, a pillow form and 2 cloth napkins. Since the edges of the napkins come already finished, turning the napkins into pillows was a breeze. I attached the 2 cloth napkins together on 3 sides using an iron and the heat activated bonding tape.  I made sure to leave one side open to insert the pillow form.  Once the pillow form was inside, I used more bonding tape to close up the 4th side of the pillow.  See, no fuss at all.   This is definitely a project you can tackle at home.

Although I turned my napkins into pillows, there are lots of other unique ways you can use napkins to decorate your space.

Here are 2 more ways to decorate and refresh your decor with cloth napkins: 

Use A Cloth Napkin as Wall Art 
This one is super simple. Find a print you love, frame it,  and then hang it. You can even hang a series of napkins for a gallery wall art installation effect.

Table Runner
Attach a series of napkins to one another to form a table runner.

I'm always on the look out for fun patterns to use in my designs and recently came across a great selection of cloth napkins that would like amazing as accent pillows or framed art.  Which one is your favorite?

Decorating with cloth napkins is such an easy and creative way to add color to your space.  

Like what you see? Want to try your hand at decorating your space with cloth napkins? Here are links to the napkins shown above.

1, 234, 56

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