Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Recently, I had the opportunity to work on a really exciting project - designing a new look for a gourmet cupcake bakery. So fun and tasty! Who doesn't love cupcakes right?! 

The shop's owner is passionate about her craft and really enjoys delighting patron's palettes with a delectable assortment of uniquely flavored cupcakes and desserts.  In addition to delicious cupcake flavors like red velvet, lemon supreme and double chocolate fudge that are offered daily, the shop also offers cupcakes in unique custom flavors like Oreo Cheesecake, Caramel Macciato and even Mint Chocolate Cream! YUM!

Here are a few "Before" photos of the bakery.

The space has so much potential! The size is great and the current layout actually works well.  What the bakery lacks is a cohesive look that excites patrons as soon as they enter.  A successfully designed establishment creates a mood or aesthetic, visually telling patrons the brand's story, as soon as they enter the space,

All that's needed in this space is a jolt of color and style. 

I started the project by creating a color palette for the space.   Inspired by the fun yet classic color palette (black, white, gray and fuchsia) of the company's logo, I  used the colors from the  logo as inspiration to jump start the design for the bakery's fresh new look. 

Here is the design plan I presented to the shop's owner.

When putting together this design plan, I started with the walls.

Paint is the quickest and most cost effective way to transform the look of a space.  

Although the owner agreed that a new paint job would do wonders for the space, due to time constraints,  painting the entire shop was out of the question.  As a solution,  I suggested we update the current wall situation with a coat of bold color on just the lower portion of the shop's wall.  This plans saves time and still provides the bold impact in the shop needs.

Here's a closer look at some of the key design elements I put together to create the shop's new look.

Fun details like these prints will be framed and used as part of a gallery style wall art installation to customize the shop's freshly painted wall.

This group of pendants will hang right over the cupcake display area, adding instant charm and shining the spotlight on all those sweet treats.

I recommended using these commercial grade cast iron table bases to create a vintage French bistro/bakery feel.  Don't you just love the detail on the table base legs!

The huge chalkboard wall frame in an ornate gold trim will display the daily specials and really and compliments the bakery's chic design aesthetic of the new space.

Finally, for the large window at the front of the store, we'll upgrade and cozy up the area by using a mix of classic black and white patterned prints to upgrade the window seat's cushion.  

I'm so excited to see how this project turns out and can't wait to share photos of the revamped space. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 10, 2015


Fall is my favorite time of year.  After the summer has come to an end, I love using the rich, warm colors of fall in my home decor to welcome the new season .  So I was thrilled when the Home Depot contacted me to extend an invitation to participate in this year's Home Depot Fall Style Challenge.

I'm excited to announce that I accepted the invitation and will be participating in my first ever Style Challenge with Home Depot! 

Each year, the Home Depot selects a group of designer and bloggers to create stylish seasonal looks at home using DIY skills and design savvy.  Home Depot sends mystery boxes filled with fall decor goodies to each member of the talented group to see what amazing decorating ideas they'll come up. So Fun!

My boxes have already arrived and my mind is spinning with creative ideas to use to decorate our space.

I love a challenge and am looking forward to coming up with something really good.  Stay tuned for the big reveal both here and on the Home Depot blog this fall!