Monday, July 27, 2015


It's no secret that I am almost as passionate about fashion as I am about interior design. 

One of the things I love most about having grown up in NY, is the proximity in which I lived to amazing fashion, style and design inspiration. My access to this type of inspiration has greatly contributed to my passion and creativity in both fashion and design.

Although "modest fashion" is trending now, when I was younger there weren't many options for young Muslim women who dared to be fashionable while maintaining modesty.  As a young woman, I spent a lot of time figuring out creative ways to style myself.  

Now as a mom of 5 with a blossoming design business and hectic schedule, I'm often asked how I manage to looked pulled together when spotted around town.  To be honest, its not easy, especially as our family grows and priorities shift based on each child's needs.  

When getting dressed I often reflect on a lesson I learned early on... simple everyday looks can easily be transformed into runway ready attire with the simple addition of unexpected color or pattern using statement accessories.

Here are a few very basic looks that go from simple to stunning with just the addition of statement jewelry.

I firmly believe that looking good makes you feel good.  

So when ROCKSBOX asked me to team up with them and become a ROCKSBOX 'IT GIRL', I couldn't have been more thrilled!  ROCKSBOX delivers designer jewelry that matches your personal style right to your door step! Genius right?!

I recently received my first Rocksbox in the mail and am in love with how gorgeous the pieces I received are.  I can't wait to style them !

After completely a simple style survey on their website, ROCKSBOX hand-selects designer jewelry for you based on your style and specific requests.  In no time, you'll receive your custom picked pieces right to your home!

You get to wear and test drive your fab pieces for one month, then decide if you want to keep them or or return them and wait for your next curated shipment of jewelry to arrive.  "Zero effort and no commitment. ROCKSBOX offers free, prepaid shipping both ways." Such an innovative idea!

Want designer jewelry delivered right to your door too?  Head to ROCKSBOX and use my special code (SAUDAHSALEEMINTERORSXOXO) at checkout to get your first month COMPLETELY FREE!  

I'd love to know what selections your receive in your ROCKSBOX. Don't forget to stop back and let me know how you style your pieces!

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