Monday, January 26, 2015


2014 was certainly a busy year for not only our family, but also for my design business.   In July we added a new member to the crew with the birth of our daughter, Zaria.  Then in the fall I jumped right back into work, tackling several E-Design and full service design projects.  Sometimes things seem to be moving so fast that there's hardly time to document it all.  One of my goals for the New Year is to document and share more of my projects here on the blog.

So, here we go.  One of the design projects I wrapped up toward the end of 2014, is the Miller's Court project.  Miller’s Court is a turn of the century factory building that now houses both urban loft style apartments and smart office space for educational nonprofit organizations, like my clients.

I was so excited to be working on this project.  The office space has exposed wood beams, high ceilings, and a soaring floor to ceiling exposed brick wall.  I love exposed brick  walls because they provide a historic / industrial yet modern loft feeling. 

This office will serve as the headquarters for a non-profit group that is committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in under served communities via yoga, mindfulness, conflict resolution and self-care instruction to both students and teachers. 

Here's a quick snapshot of what the office spaces in the building initially look like.

Now here's a look at the design plan I came up with for the office's waiting room area. 

Combined with those great brick walls, the design is a good mix of urban style, sophistication and a little fun and personality via those bold colored chairs. 


Pretty cool right? 

The velvet sofa is an elegant juxtaposition against the moody teal wall color and exposed brick, while the galvanized metal accents in the planters and floor lamp echo the space's industrial feel.  The bright color from the chairs and acrylic accents add a bit of fun and whimsy, helping to insure that the room's furnishings don't feel too heavy.

This project was so exciting and fun to work on! It perfectly represents my clients and their inspiring organization. Stay tuned for a look at how the office turned out and why my clients love their new work space. 

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