Thursday, January 15, 2015


Whether your ideal getaway space looks like an island retreat or a chic boutique hotel,  having a "getaway" space at home that evokes feelings of relaxation and calm at the end of a long day is important.  The hustle and bustle of everyday life seems so much easier to face when you have a space for relaxation at home.

I recently created this design board for a couple who wanted to use their master bedroom to create a calming getaway space in their home.  This restful retreat master bedroom design is what I came up with and was just what my clients had in mine! 

As you can see, I chose a warm neutral gray color palette.  Although the color palette is neutral, I incorporated lots of interesting texture and subtle pattern via the area rugs, unique wall art, throw and the luxurious gray grass cloth wallpaper. I maintained the same palette in the design for the clients' office nook which is adjacent to their bedroom to create a smooth transition from one space to the next. My clients were thrilled with the design.

Are you curious about how you can create your own bedroom sanctuary at home? With a just few simple updates, your own bedroom can be the restful retreat your busy life has been craving.  

Here are my top 7 tips for Creating A Restful Retreat:


Minimize bedroom clutter to create a sense of calm. Try not to bring paper work, bills, or things that remind you of stress into the bedroom.  If you must bring work into the space, try disguising/storing it in attractive storage containers. There are lots of attractive storage options on the market that can be used to store loose papers and odds and ends while blending seamlessly with your room's decor.

Add Texture

Especially this time of year, as the temperature begins to drop,  invest in a fuzzy fur throw to curl up underneath or a warm and fluffy rug to rest your feet on as you step out of the bed. Velvet, suede, silk, fur and even some cottons have a soft and cozy texture perfect to use in your new bedroom retreat. These fabrics can be incorporated in the room as pillows,window treatments, rugs, poufs, or throws.

Choose Colors that Make You Feel Relaxed 

Relaxing hues can be moody, monochromatic or even neutral.  Avoid busy patterns or bold contrasting color combinations. The key is simplicity.  As long as you keep the color palette simple, creating a restful space will be a breeze. I love the way this dark rich hue seems t just envelope the space like a cocoon.

Incorporate Smell 

Candles are not only for creating a romantic feel in the bedroom. You can also use them to evoke a relaxing, spa-like feel too.  How amazing does this cluster of candles look in this elegant bedroom?! Choose a fragrance candle whose scent reminds you of a spa, a favorite vacation you've taken or destination you've visited and really enjoyed.

Update your Lighting

Stay away from ceiling light fixtures that give off harsh or fluorescent lighting.  Use lamps or fixtures that create a soothing or calming glow.  Add a dimmer switch to a current light fixture or replace current bulbs with a lower wattage bulb. The chandelier with candles instead of bulbs in this bedroom becomes a focal point in the space.

Invest in Your Bedding 

Update your bedding by choosing sheets made of cozy fabrics and soft material like high quality cottons. Top your new bedding with a luxurious throw and you'll have incorporated two elements of a dream bedroom space - luxury and comfort!

Choose a Look that Works for You

The bedroom should be a reflection of who you are and what you enjoy. Choose a style/look that makes you feel good.  To help narrow down your style, start with gathering inspiration photos of room styles, home decor accents and furnishings you like. Once you've collected your inspiration photos, start sorting through them looking for recurring "themes."  Do all the rooms seem to painted white?  Do most of the rooms have art on the wall?  Identifying recurring themes in the designs will help you pinpoint whic elements you'd like to incorporate in your retreat space.

You work hard and deserve a peaceful place to relax and rejuvenate.  Make 2015 the year that you treat yourself by creating a space that makes you feel good.  Contact me here if you're ready to get started on creating your bedroom retreat!

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