Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Since I joined Instagram a little over a year ago, I've "met" and become "insta" friends with inspiring artists, designers and creative souls like myself.  Recently while scrolling through all the pretty photos in my feed, I came across the absolutely ahh-mazing work of talented artist Amira RahimAfter seeing more of Amira's stunning work and falling in love with her bold and colorful pieces, I knew I had to share this gem of an artist with you here on the blog. 
Amira was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey--an urban melting pot with a rich history of artists and creators, and describes herself as a "big-city girl at heart.I fell in love with the range of abstracts Amira offers in contrasting and playful hues.  They are the perfect statement piece of artwork to compliment any room's design.


It's evident with just a glance at her work that Amira is passionate about color.  Her expert choice of vibrant and bold colors is simply perfection! "Captivated by color itself, I am most interested in exploring its effects on the human psyche. With acrylic mediums, I experiment with combinations of patterns and color schemes, continuously searching for the odd match, the unexpected contrasts and the soothing abodes on my canvas,"says Amira.


 Amira is primarily self-taught and says that she allows her intuition to guide her as she creates each painting.  "I enjoy creating works of art that lift my mood and bring good energy to a space." 

Amira draws her biggest inspirations from textiles, photography, and nature and is deeply influenced by the late Abstract Expressionist movement. "By exploring my own happy color fields using both vigorous and subtle brushwork, I enjoy the act of painting itself," Amira says.  "The mixing, the scraping, the wiping, the pouring of paint—all of these actions form the heart of my paintings."


Although Amira currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE with her husband, her work (originals, prints and custom pieces) can easily be purchased in the states hereIn fact, I just used one of her works of art in a design project I recently completed! Turned out pretty fabulous!

Amira is a real joy to work with.  Take a moment to view more of Amira's work here.