Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PROJECT REVEAL: Family-Friendly Bohemian Chic Living Room

My client for this living room revamp is a stylish busy mom and wife who, thanks to her awesome job, gets to travel to all sorts of exotic locations.  Despite her amazing and fabulous life, when she's home she prefers a simple, no fuss, clean lined look with pops of color and a nod to the eclectic/global chic style. 
The client contacted me for help with creating a look that reflects her personality, was very simple and clean lined but still welcoming and comfortable to family and occasional guests while hinting at her well-traveled sense of style.

Here's what we came up with.

Although the drapes are rich and dark navy blue and the antique rug features a busy print, the room is still calming thanks to the simple contemporary lines of the white leather seating and no-fuss wall color.  This design embodies the "less is more" spirit by using neutral colored larger pieces like the sofa and chair and accenting them with a small selection printed pillows.   The oversized mercury glass lamps were great HomeGoods finds and really complimented the Savafieh end tables.
We were able to use one of my favorite materials in this design - lucite!  I love using lucite because the transparent surface practically disappears in the space, taking up no visual space. Lucite furniture not only allows provides function, it actually adds to the style of the space.  If you look closely, you'll notice that we used a lucite coffee table to make sure that the view of that gorgeous rug remains unobstructed from all angles of the room.

Here's the original design board I pulled together.  As you can see, we stuck pretty close to the design plan for this room.  With exception of a few pieces, the end result incorporates many of the same elements found in the design plan. 

Although my client loved the mirror in the design plan, we chose to use a family heirloom instead.  The mirror that now hangs over the sofa belonged to my client's grandmother.  Grandma had great taste right?! Antiques and family heirlooms make the best conversation pieces and instantly personalize any space. 

My client loved the final look of the room. Happy client = Happy Designer 

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  1. Very nice photos Saudah, the colors especially make the living room look beautiful.
    Delores Ensley