Thursday, April 24, 2014

Client Approved: Serene Bedroom with Jewel Tone Accents

CLIENT APPROVED!  Here’s a sneak peek at an E-Design I recently presented to a client.  She wanted to refresh and update her master bedroom with rich pops of jewel tone color but still maintain a serene feel.   Pale gray walls, deep violet and fuchsia bedding, chartreuse drapes plus chic silver trimmed and mirrored accents accomplished just that.  She loved the look!


Just for fun, I thought I'd show you both options I presented. This look features lighter bedding but still incorporates lots of the jewel tones she loves. Using the same wall color and larger pieces as a foundation (e. rug, headboard, night stands), I created a great alternative look.

My client thought both designs refelcted her personality and lifestyle and actually decide to go with both looks!   She's going to use the lighter look in the summer and transition to the more intense color (Look #1) during the winter months. Updating your space with the changing seasons is always a great idea !  

What are your thoughts? Which look do you prefer? 

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