Friday, March 21, 2014

A Spring "Refresh" for A Sweet Girl's Homework Nook

Spring is officially here! What better way to welcome the new season than to do a little freshening up around the house?  Typically we talk about making changes to our own living space, but what about the kids?  Why not get them on board with sprucing up their own space too?  Just as adults need a retreat after a day at work, kids often require a place to decompress after longs days at school. 

This was the idea behind a simple "refresh" I did for my clients' sweet daughter.  My clients wanted to create a comfortable space for their daughter that would inspire her and make her feel special.  My client and her husband each have home offices but wanted a designated space in the house for their young daughter to work. They wanted to create a sense of ownership for their daughter, an area she could call her own.  After a conversation with the client's daughter, we decided to carve out a space in their daughter's room where she could do homework, read, write, stash keepsakes, be motivated and be inspired. 

Here are the results: A fun, light, airy, happy homework nook!
Here's what we did:

Step 1 Update the look.My clients already had this great desk and hutch, but after years of being exposed to the kids, it had seen better days.  We added a fresh coat of paint to the desk and hutch and replaced old and missing knobs with gorgeous vintage glass drawer knobs. 
Step 2 Make the space functional by adding cork board to the hutch and then covering the cork board with  a modern patterned chevron paper.
Step 3 Incorporate cute usable storage by adding the storage ottoman that's perfect for tucking away toys and books and can double as extra seating.  We also bought in some faux leather keepsake boxes from HomeGoods to store her precious photos and jewelry.
Step 4 Repeat design elements.  The glass ball table lamp goes perfectly with the glass knobs on the drawers.
Step 5 Personalize the space by adding ribbon, in her favorite colors, to the lampshade.  Monograms are a great way to personalize a space. Painting an over-sized initial "A" (the first letter of her name) reinforces the idea that this space is just for her.
Step 6 Add a touch of whimsy to keep things fun and youthful!  The bright colored paper flowers, furry pillow, custom painted desk chair and overall happy color scheme of the accessories were a hit with my client's daughter.

We didn't stop there.  We decided to add some spring flair to other areas of the room as well.  Below is a shot of the dresser I painted and topped off with bright yellow tassels for a fun touch.  We used a porcelain cake tray to hold her strands of beads while the vintage silver cup serves as a landing spot for her bracelets.

Both my clients and their daughter loved the look.  The look is simple enough to build upon with accessories and personal touches as my client's daughter gets older.

 What spring touches are you adding to your space?  Need help with ideas for welcoming spring with your decor, contact me at

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