Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Hide Everyday Clutter - Stylish Entryway Storage That Works

When I'm designing a space, I start with determining what purpose needs to be fulfilled.  What is the client trying to accomplish with this design?  I created this entryway in my client's home to serve 3 purposes.  The entryway needed to: 

1. be comfortable
2. be stylish
3. be efficient

The plan was to create an entryway that provided the family with "smart" (hard working and good looking) storage. I came up with this design scheme to incorporate the family's need for serious storage as well as their desire for a stylish new look. At first glance, you wouldn't know that this setup is a landing spot for a busy family of 5.

The first step in the design process was to outfit the space with a hardworking console table.  This small table near the door is the perfect place for the family to drop off  keys, mail, and other small items plus it has 4 drawers below that provide additional hidden storage. I gave the table a more customized look by painting the hardware with a hammered copper finish.

Next we added 2 rolling woven storage ottomans.  Not only do the ottomans hold shoes and wintertime accessories like gloves, scarves and hats, they also serve as extra seating.

 A decorative storage box was placed on the table to hide and corral grab and go items. While the vintage wire basket (on the floor to the left) works great for holding umbrellas and/or the kids' sports equipment in the summer months.

The final step in the design process was to add personal touches like the tribal print rugs, the imported mirror and the mercury glass lamp.  Including these final elements are what make the space unique to the family and shows off their own personal style.

In general, a great entryway should organize,  minimize and conceal clutter.  It should also reflect the personal style of the person who occupies the space.  I think we accomplished that here. 

What are your thoughts? Would this design work for you and your family?