Friday, December 13, 2013

Revamping A Rental - 5 ways to Add Temporary Color And Pattern to Your Space

Although many of my clients are homeowners, I also work with clients that are renters.  Most renters are not allowed to paint their walls or make drastic changes to their space. The most common frustration my rental clients share with me is not being able to inject their personal style and taste into the look of their living space.While decorating a rental space and giving it a look that is your own may require a little thinking outside of the box, it is not impossible.
Here are 5 great alternatives to painting or using permanent wall decor that provide the perfection solution for renters or those who prefer not to permanently commit to a particular design look.

1. Wall Pattern Decals

This company offers a wide variety of removable and reusable wall pattern decals that rival pricier wallpaper selections and are less time consuming then stencils.

2. Vinyl Adhesive Stripes

The "Easy Stripes" from this company take the leg work out of making your walls look good.  These adhesive vinyl stripes are easy to apply and reposition + they're guaranteed to remove easily.  You can mix and match sizes and colors, making a customized look achievable for even a novice DIYer.

3. Fabric Panels

This company offers fabric tiles that are self-adhesive and can also be easily repositioned and moved. The tiles can be used on any smooth service and are both eco-friendly and non-toxic. I could definitely envision this colorful fish scale pattern in a contemporary nursery, kids playroom or even used in a modern living space.  Chic design + eco-friendly = SCORE!

 4. Temporary Wall Paper

There are actually several companies that now offer temporary or removable wallpaper.  The selection of removable wall paper offered by this company is amazing!   Perfect for renters or homeowners that like to switch things up from time to time, temporary wall paper is very easy to apply.  Simply peel and stick panels side-by-side and voila, instant wow factor.   No glue, no mess, no hassle. These panels are 25" inches wide and come in a variety of heights.

5. Gallery Wall

Use a collection of your favorite paintings or framed flea market finds to disguise boring white walls.  As seen here, using a good mix of vintage and modern frames, abstract, still life and even portraits, creates a pretty interesting  and well collected looking gallery wall. Start by collecting the pieces you'd like to hang.  Next, hunt for frames that will really help showcase and compliment the art being displayed.  For an eclectic look, use frames of varying finishes and sizes. Use frames with the same finish (i.e. all gold frames or all silver frames, etc) if you prefer a more traditional and polished look.

Don't these alternatives make deciding on wall decor for rental spaces a little less daunting?

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