Monday, December 9, 2013

Fashion Inspired Rooms Are Not Just for the Ladies: Menswear Inspired Design

I often talk about pulling design inspiration from fashion looks. But did you know that creating fashion inspired living spaces isn't limited to only using women's fashion?  Today I'm sharing 2 of my favorite menswear looks and how they may translate into gorgeous living spaces. My favorite menswear looks are usually characterized by timeless, sophisticated pieces with sleek lines and just the right infusion of color.
In the space above, the Hermes orange color perfectly accentuates the cool grays and rich chocolate tones seen throughout this room. The sleek lines of the furnishing are very reminiscent of menswear.   Doesn't this room's style translate perfectly into this gentlemen's effortlessly sophisticated look? Note how he injects just the right about of contrasting color and pattern play with his top.  Very cosmopolitan! Although his belt mimics his choice in coat color, his overall look is not too "matchy matchy." Both the room and outfit are quite stylish and contemporary. 

The look above incorporates much of the eclectic yet traditional feel I like to use in my design work.  First of all, can we talk about this fur trimmed wool coat?!  You'd definitely have to be a style savvy guy to pull this one off.  This gentleman pairs a great classically patterned coat (vintage maybe?) with a crisp shirt and vest combo.  He then adds a cool pair of charcoal gray slacks, shoes and a leather satchel, exuding a certain confidence and charm.

So how does this great look translate into an awesome interior?  For starters, the use of the color red keeps the living space vibrant and fresh like the gentleman's look. The pattern of the coat is literally reflected in the accent wall of this space, creating a dramatic look.  The Interior Designer ups the wow factor by not only using pattern on the wall, but by also mixing patterns.  The classic plaid is paired with chevron print curtains as well as small and large patterned pillows. 

So what are you thoughts?  Are you ready to use some pin stripes or other traditional menswear looks as inspiration for your next space?

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