Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebrating New Year's? My Favorite Pinterest Inspired Decor Ideas for A Stylish & Glam Gathering!

In addition to creating chic looks for living spaces, I also love entertaining and putting together stylish event decor.  For those planning to whip up a little something and entertain guests tomorrow, I wanted to share some of my favorite decor ideas for creating a stylish gathering.  Using the classic black, gold, and white color palette that's been so popular this year,  these decor ideas are completely timeless and fun.  Check them out!
Gorgeous Garland
S'mores Like No Others!
Make A Wish!
Glitter Balloons
Fab Tassel Garland 

Confetti Poppers

Tinsel Stick

Golden Tablescape Action
 Want to see more party and decor inspiration?  Follow my Pinterest boards.  There's lots to see. Check it out!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Revamping A Rental - 5 ways to Add Temporary Color And Pattern to Your Space

Although many of my clients are homeowners, I also work with clients that are renters.  Most renters are not allowed to paint their walls or make drastic changes to their space. The most common frustration my rental clients share with me is not being able to inject their personal style and taste into the look of their living space.While decorating a rental space and giving it a look that is your own may require a little thinking outside of the box, it is not impossible.
Here are 5 great alternatives to painting or using permanent wall decor that provide the perfection solution for renters or those who prefer not to permanently commit to a particular design look.

1. Wall Pattern Decals

This company offers a wide variety of removable and reusable wall pattern decals that rival pricier wallpaper selections and are less time consuming then stencils.

2. Vinyl Adhesive Stripes

The "Easy Stripes" from this company take the leg work out of making your walls look good.  These adhesive vinyl stripes are easy to apply and reposition + they're guaranteed to remove easily.  You can mix and match sizes and colors, making a customized look achievable for even a novice DIYer.

3. Fabric Panels

This company offers fabric tiles that are self-adhesive and can also be easily repositioned and moved. The tiles can be used on any smooth service and are both eco-friendly and non-toxic. I could definitely envision this colorful fish scale pattern in a contemporary nursery, kids playroom or even used in a modern living space.  Chic design + eco-friendly = SCORE!

 4. Temporary Wall Paper

There are actually several companies that now offer temporary or removable wallpaper.  The selection of removable wall paper offered by this company is amazing!   Perfect for renters or homeowners that like to switch things up from time to time, temporary wall paper is very easy to apply.  Simply peel and stick panels side-by-side and voila, instant wow factor.   No glue, no mess, no hassle. These panels are 25" inches wide and come in a variety of heights.

5. Gallery Wall

Use a collection of your favorite paintings or framed flea market finds to disguise boring white walls.  As seen here, using a good mix of vintage and modern frames, abstract, still life and even portraits, creates a pretty interesting  and well collected looking gallery wall. Start by collecting the pieces you'd like to hang.  Next, hunt for frames that will really help showcase and compliment the art being displayed.  For an eclectic look, use frames of varying finishes and sizes. Use frames with the same finish (i.e. all gold frames or all silver frames, etc) if you prefer a more traditional and polished look.

Don't these alternatives make deciding on wall decor for rental spaces a little less daunting?

Need help mapping out a plan for your redesign? Want to up the wow factor in your space? Email me at

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fashion Inspired Rooms Are Not Just for the Ladies: Menswear Inspired Design

I often talk about pulling design inspiration from fashion looks. But did you know that creating fashion inspired living spaces isn't limited to only using women's fashion?  Today I'm sharing 2 of my favorite menswear looks and how they may translate into gorgeous living spaces. My favorite menswear looks are usually characterized by timeless, sophisticated pieces with sleek lines and just the right infusion of color.
In the space above, the Hermes orange color perfectly accentuates the cool grays and rich chocolate tones seen throughout this room. The sleek lines of the furnishing are very reminiscent of menswear.   Doesn't this room's style translate perfectly into this gentlemen's effortlessly sophisticated look? Note how he injects just the right about of contrasting color and pattern play with his top.  Very cosmopolitan! Although his belt mimics his choice in coat color, his overall look is not too "matchy matchy." Both the room and outfit are quite stylish and contemporary. 

The look above incorporates much of the eclectic yet traditional feel I like to use in my design work.  First of all, can we talk about this fur trimmed wool coat?!  You'd definitely have to be a style savvy guy to pull this one off.  This gentleman pairs a great classically patterned coat (vintage maybe?) with a crisp shirt and vest combo.  He then adds a cool pair of charcoal gray slacks, shoes and a leather satchel, exuding a certain confidence and charm.

So how does this great look translate into an awesome interior?  For starters, the use of the color red keeps the living space vibrant and fresh like the gentleman's look. The pattern of the coat is literally reflected in the accent wall of this space, creating a dramatic look.  The Interior Designer ups the wow factor by not only using pattern on the wall, but by also mixing patterns.  The classic plaid is paired with chevron print curtains as well as small and large patterned pillows. 

So what are you thoughts?  Are you ready to use some pin stripes or other traditional menswear looks as inspiration for your next space?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Will Travel for Design - A New York Reveal

So I recently began working with 2 clients who live in NY. I know you're probably thinking "how on earth is she doing that and living in Maryland?"  Well it's not as difficult as it sounds.  As many of you already know, I'm originally from New York.  I'm the only one in my immediate family that has ventured beyond the Big Apple to live.  While it's definitely not fun living so far away from family, it's a comfort knowing that we always have a place to stay when we decide to hit the road and head to NY.

Last Friday, after picking the kids up from school, packing up the car and several last minute trips back into the house for forgotten books, toys, supplies, food, we set off on our road trip.  The kids and hubby were going for a weekend and Grandma's house.  I was going for what I call a "design blitz" - a weekend of working with my NY based clients.  Lots of painting, shopping and installing. And what a weekend it was!

NY Client #1 is a gorgeous young family of 4 with great design style.  They recently tackled the enormous feat of having their home completely remodeled and were just in need of a little help zhushing the place up. The homeowners requested a stenciled design to update their dinning room and give it a cozier, more welcoming feel.  Here's the picture the Homeowners sent me of the space. 

             And here is the same room AFTER stenciling...

 This stencil design is simple and compliments the clean look the family loves. 

So, what do you think?  Stay tuned for my next post where I'll fill you in on NY Client #2.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Emmy Inspired Interiors - Inspiring Runway to Room Looks

Whether draped in blush toned chiffon or fitted in regal hued sequin, celebs wowed fans Sunday night at the 2013 Emmy Awards. Just like when I watched the Oscars, I woke up this Monday morning with EMMY INSPIRED ROOM DESIGN on the brain.  So,  it’s time for another round of gorgeous fashion meets fabulous interiors!

Kerry Washington was stunning in a romantic ethereal Marchesa gown.  With hints of gold lace and flower appliques sprinkled throughout, the soft hued gown was like a dreamy fashion fairytale come true.

Now, can you picture her flawless look as a bedroom?

This bedroom’s  sophisticated and chic color palette, delicate chandelier and ultra feminine bedding  create a stylish and refined look that perfectly translates Kerry’s Emmy look from runway to room. 

Other stars opted for rich jewel toned looks.  Both fashion and interior designer alike are welcoming and embracing Autumn by using season inspired hues. Heidi Klum stunned and sparkled in a burgundy Atelier Versace number. Doesn’t the texture, color and style of this midcentury sophisticated bedroom evoke the same feeling as Heidi’s glamorous look?  I love the rich, sultry and dramatic look the burgundy accents create when combined with the charcoal gray bedroom walls. 

So what did you think of this year’s red carpet looks?  Which one would you pick as inspiration for your living space?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall is finally here: Updating your Wardrobe & Decor to Welcome the New Season

The last bit of summer seems to be on its way out. The weather here in Maryland is finally starting to feel like fall, my favorite time of year. 

For me, fall means dressing in layers, sipping hot cocoa, and updating decor to reflect the changing colors of the season.  Fall is the perfect time to update your living space and wardrobe with season inspired color and texture. 

Warm and rich colors of fall (pumpkin, emerald, chocolate, etc) can easily be incorporated into both your home decor and wardrobe. For a more updated fall look, I like to combine traditional fall colors with sparkly mettallics.

Here are some of the “Statement” pieces I’m in love with this fall season.    They're bold and unique enough to stand alone, yet functional enough to compliment an existing look or accessory.  Each are great for adding a pop of seasonal color and style to your fall look.  Don’t you just love that WOODEN CLUTCH?! I mean really. If that’s not a statement piece, then I don’t know what is!  The classic lines of the striped top with the sparkly necklace already built in – Genius! I've been looking for ways to add this rich emerald green somewhere in my house and may have found it with this campaign nightstand.  And how about the gorgeous tufted settee in that rich velvet fabric?! 

 Do you love fall too? What updates are you making to your wardrobe or living space to welcome in the new season? 

See links below for purchases info.

Diana Bracelets . Sparkly Rugged Chic Boots .  Exotic Wood Clutch .  Chandelier .  Striped Necklace Top .  Campaign Nightstand .  Rug .  Fur Vest (similar) . Nailhead Trim Table .  Fireworks Pillow .  Gold Candle Holder .  Leopard Print Pillow .  Tufted Settee

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Inspired Interiors

Inspiration for great interiors is everywhere.  So what happens when you stay up late watching the Oscars?  Well if you're me, you wake up with OSCAR INSPIRED ROOM DESIGN on the brain.

What did you think of Kerry Washington's Coral and Gold number?  Can you picture it as a living room?

How about Halle Berry and Naomi Watts' metallic pewter gowns as a chic and glamorous budoir?

Did you like Jennifer Hudson's navy Cavalli gown? 

All stunning in my opinion.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black Beauty - Are You Brave Enough to Try This at Home?

Sometimes good design is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking a risk.  Painting a wall black definitely takes courage and commitment but I think the end result is so dramatically stunning that it's totally worth the risk. Are you brave enough to try black walls in your home?  

If you're thinking about taking the plunge and by painting an accent wall black or really showing off and painting a whole room black, there are 2 things I think that are crucial to making it work.
  1.  To avoid it feeling too "goth" or just plain scary, the space should have natural light or at least be well lit by overhead lighting, wall sconces or lamps.
  2. Contrast is a must! If the walls are black, use bright pops of color or crisp white accents (i.e. molding, picture frames, sculptures) to add contrast to the heavy wall color.
I LOVE dramatic walls!  So with these things in mind, I decided to give it a try. I wanted a dramatic look for the  VERY small entryway/vestibule of my home.  So I painted it with a flat black paint, then, for more interest, I stenciled over it with a glossy black paint. Here's what that looked like (Sorry for the cell phone pics).  

But of course I didn't stop there.  Next I added contrast using a cute little sunburst mirror I scored for less than $10 and framed it with a cool and crisp white modern frame.  Still didn't stop there. 

 It still felt like it needed more. I'm definitely not a minimalist. Can you tell? 

So I added some antique gold frames and another white frame for balance.  Have you ever worked on something and have to step back and look at it to determine if you're done or should keep going? I stepped back and look at the wall and loved it. Mission accomplished. A small dose of chic in the entryway to welcome guests. 

 What do you think? Would you try this at home?

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Baaaaaccckk

I know, I know.... it's been a while. I'm trying to get better at posting things. Really I am.    It's just the past few months have been such a whirlwind.  For those that don't know, I had a baby boy (our 4th child) in October and really feel like I haven't sat down since. One of my goals for 2013 is to be a better share more and share often.:-)

I've spent the past 3 months caring for a newborn (he's such a sweetie), shuttling kids to and from school and practices, and (DRUMROLL please) .....designing an entire home for a family of 6 and completing the redesign of an AMAZING hair salon and lounge (trust me, you will luv it when you see it!).  Of course none of these projects could be done with the help and support of my super patient hubby.  He's a true lifesaver.

Here's a sneak peek at what I've been up to in between feedings and homework. 

The story behind this design is that when I was 8 months preggo, I was asked by a sweet family to help "make their house a home." Of course there was a catch. Isn't there always a catch?! The house hadn't been built yet! What?! They wanted me to create a design plan and purchase ALL furnishing BEFORE the house was built. I probably should have just rested during my 3rd TRIMESTER, but I couldn't resist gaining this kind of experience! Sweat and tears definitely went into this one folks, but I think it was well worth it.

 Here are more "After" pictures...