Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday "Must Haves"

So last week I featured the  chevron print, today's focus is on IKAT.   The word “ikat” (pronounced 'ee-KAHT') means “to bind.”  Ikat is a very ancient textile decoration/dyeing technique which creates designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven.  Although the precise origin of this complex dyeing techinque remains unclear, it seems to have developed independently across many different cultures and continents since at least the Dark Ages, appearing in places like Pre-Columbian Peru and Guatemala, 10th century Yemen, Japan, Indonesia, India and Uzbekistan (via AH). How cool is that?

What I find SO amazing is how this ancient tribal print has gained such a huge fan base amongst both today's fashion and interior designers alike.  I mean, Ikat is everywhere these days - from shoes to curtains to men's ties. Talk about history repeating itself.

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The modern ikat print is charaterized by vibrant and color with details similar to brush strokes.  If you lean toward a more bohemian vibe, you'll certainly love accessorizing with Ikat and will want to "jump right in" and embrace this colorful pattern head on. While those who prefer a more classic or traditional look may only want to get their feet wet.  So test it out first by just adding a splash of Ikat by way of a pillow or other small accent.  Either way, Ikat can make a beautiful addition to your personal. Do you alreasy own any Ikat printed pieces? What are your favs?

Don't forget to click on the numbered links below to find out where and how to some Ikat to your collection.  You'll never guess how great a price those shoes are!

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