Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday "Must Haves"

So last week I featured the  chevron print, today's focus is on IKAT.   The word “ikat” (pronounced 'ee-KAHT') means “to bind.”  Ikat is a very ancient textile decoration/dyeing technique which creates designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven.  Although the precise origin of this complex dyeing techinque remains unclear, it seems to have developed independently across many different cultures and continents since at least the Dark Ages, appearing in places like Pre-Columbian Peru and Guatemala, 10th century Yemen, Japan, Indonesia, India and Uzbekistan (via AH). How cool is that?

What I find SO amazing is how this ancient tribal print has gained such a huge fan base amongst both today's fashion and interior designers alike.  I mean, Ikat is everywhere these days - from shoes to curtains to men's ties. Talk about history repeating itself.

                                                                   1, 2,  3,  4, 5,  6,  7, 8, 9

The modern ikat print is charaterized by vibrant and color with details similar to brush strokes.  If you lean toward a more bohemian vibe, you'll certainly love accessorizing with Ikat and will want to "jump right in" and embrace this colorful pattern head on. While those who prefer a more classic or traditional look may only want to get their feet wet.  So test it out first by just adding a splash of Ikat by way of a pillow or other small accent.  Either way, Ikat can make a beautiful addition to your personal. Do you alreasy own any Ikat printed pieces? What are your favs?

Don't forget to click on the numbered links below to find out where and how to some Ikat to your collection.  You'll never guess how great a price those shoes are!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrity Inspired Design - How to Get the Look without Having the Celebrity Salary

We've all seen the shows where a celebrity gives a tour of his or her lavish spread and have probably wondered just how nice it would be to live there.  I know I have!  I don't believe you have to wait until you win the lottery to add a bit of celebrity look to your living space.

Check out this photo of Jennifer Lopez's dinning room in her California home. Designed by Michelle Workman, JLo's home embodies the star's glamorous personal style. The 1940s Art Deco style home is filled with soothing blue-gray hues, romantic pinks, shimmering silvers and hints of brass. It's the perfect picture of Old Hollywood Glamour and elegance.

Want to know how you can create this look without having a celebrity salary? Take a look at this celebrity inspired design board I created. Using the design elements I selected, anyone can recreate Jlo's dinning room look for way less than the thousands and thousands of dollars spent designing her space.

Click on the numbered links below to find out where and how you can get your hands on a bit of Old Hollywood Glamour!

1,  2,  3,   4,   5,  6,   7,  8,  9

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday "Must Haves"

From dresses and jewelery to curtains, rugs, pillows and even furniture and walls, the chevron stripe pattern (the horizontal stripe's bold and trendy sister) has been filling the pages of interior design blogs, publications and fashion magazines for some time now.  Whether you choose to go bold or neutral in color with the pattern, adding chevron stripes to your space or wardrobe will definitely update your existing look and might just add that bit of "umph" you were looking to create with your personal style.

Today I'm featuring some chevron patterned items perfect for your home and wardbrobe. Don't forget to click on the numbered links below to find out where and how you can get your hands on these chevron stripe "Must-Haves".

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday "Must-Haves"

Hope you're all rested from the weekend!  Today's "Monday Must-Haves" features some fabulous metallic style items for you and your home. When added to your wardrobe or living space, metallics create an instant sense of glamour and elegance. Whether its a bracelet or accent table, gold or pewter, who doesn't love a hint of bling here and there right?  Don't forget to click on the numbered links below to find out where and how you can get your hands on these mettallic "Must-Haves".

1.  , 2. , 3. , 4.  , 5.  , 6.  , 7. , 8.        

1. , 2. , 3. ,4. , 5., 6., 7.

So what do you thing? Ready to add some "bling" to your life?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday "Must-Haves"

Today I want to introduce a new weekly series.  I'm calling it "Monday Must-Haves".  Each Monday I'll feature style items for you and your home that I consider to be "must-haves."

Today's feaured items showcase the awesomeness of personalization. Making something your own by adding your name or initials is an easy way to create a custom look with regular everyday items like plates, pillows and even cell phone cases. Check it out! Click on the numbered links below to find out where and how you can get your hands on these oh-so-stylish "Must-Haves".

 Let me know what you think of this new series. I'd love to hear from you!