Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coral + Gray = The Perfect Way to Introduce Some Spring Color

So I'm officially giving up on seeing any snow this year.  This week I'm saying goobye to fall, and welcoming Spring (feels more like summer here in Baltimore). Today's high was 80 degrees March??!
Anyway, isn't adding coral just the perfect way to inject some Spring color into a fall/ neutral gray pallete? 

And check out that super crafty DIY bathroom vanity on the left! Painting the vanity really lightens up the room and is a great juxtaposition to the somewhat serious tones of the wallpaper. Using those door knockers as cabinet pulls was a genius idea! Think I might copy that one myself.  ;-)


  1. Love this color combo! I'm putting together a craft/office space that will have to work for me and the boys. I'm adding this to my list:)

  2. Oh this would look great in a craft/office space L! Don't you just love mixing cool and warm colors?!