Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CIty Mouse/Country Mouse??

This weekend I drove to Virginia to meet with a new client.  Although Baltimore is south of the Mason Dixon line, it's definitely not what most people envsion when they think of southern living. I think Virginia comes a little closer to what most would picture as southern living.  Anytime I travel outside of Baltimore I always play a little game I call "Could I See Myself Living Here?" So while in Virginia this weekend, surrounded by all the trees, grass, sprawling estates and quiet, I asked myself "could I live here?" Can I ever be a Country Mouse? Or am I destined to be the City Mouse? 





Something about the look of City Mouse Living  just excites me more.  So what about you? Do you prefer the City Mouse or Country Mouse vibe?


  1. I'm definitely a City Mouse, but those country looks are amazing! Go Saudah!

  2. I say live where it fits your needs best but come home to where you really want to be. I am feeling that country look. Nice to come home to after dealing with the hustle of the city life.