Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Weekend to Ya!

It's Saturday!!!!!!!!! This week seemed to drag by, but the weekend has finally arrived I couldn't be more estatic. No I don't have fabulous plans of doing anything amazing, just really glad not to have to report to my 9 to 5 today.

Around here, weekends are for the kids swim lessons and of course DIY projects.   There's a wall on the 3rd floor of my house that's dying for a little paint love. That's what I'll be getting started on shortly.

So to celebrate the spririt of DIY and the arrival of the weekend, I'm sharing a couple of 'Before and Afters' with you.


This property was abandoned for a number of years when the client decided to make it the headquarters for his small business.  Floors were scuffed, scratched, and completely covered in layers of dust.  So were the walls. 

It was no easy feat but we made it work!   The floors have been refinished.  The walls and fireplace surround were cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint.   The unique carved wood seat adds interest to the space and is the perfect conversation piece. Rich silk ombre fabric frames the windows for a bit of added drama.  This is the entry room to the property and now serves as a waiting area, staged and ready to receive the client's guests and customers.

We decided to use this room as meeting room, but like the rest of the property,  the floors and walls had to be refinished. Plus that gaping hole in the wall to the left  (previously a staircase that lead to the 2nd fl) had to be closed up.   Have a look at the 'AFTER' below.

For me, the challenge in converting  a residential property for commmercial use was making sure I used the right scale pieces.  Since the rooms were pretty small, I didn't want to overcrowd the space with furniture that was too large.  Here I used very simple furnishings, muted artwork and a reflective frosted glass top "conference table" to give the room an airy feel. The glass orbs of the chandelier and chrome legs of the table help capture and spread the natural light  throughout the room.

Hope you enjoyed the Before and Afters.  I'm off to get started on the weekend.   How do you spend your weekends? Do you sleep in or are you a Weekend Warrior too?

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