Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fashion + Passion = Inspiration for Great Design

People often ask me what inspires my design and how I come up with ideas for styling a room. Well, inspiration for design can be found all around you. Designers and stylists are inspired by nature, food, architecture, technology, and, of course, fashion.  Much of today's interior design is inspired by both current and past fashion trends.  Often past fashion trends are just updated and tweaked to create a more current or "now" look.

Take this truly traditional and regal combination of emerald and gold. Now under normal circumstances, you'd be thinking either Wizard of Oz or some bad '80s throwback princess cut Dynasty dress with puffy sleeves. Ha! But with the addition of black and white accents, a traditional color combination is instantly updated.

Still with me? Ok, good. Now, take those same fashion elements from above and try to envision how they would look as design elements in a room.  Ask yourself: "How would these outfits and accessories look as living spaces?" Kinda something like this ..

Voila! Fashion translated into interior design. See how the addition of black and white (zebra mirror, graphic rug) transform an otherwise traditional room into one that's hip and chic? 

Taking something you love, are passionate about or are inspired by (i.e. fashion) and using it as design elements in your space guarantees that you'll have a space that brings you happiness as soon as you step foot inside. And that's what great design is all about right?