Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family Time + DIY

The 4 Day Weekend of family, food, friends and shopping starts today! I'm heading to New York to spend time with family.  Apparently I'll also be doing a little design work as well.  My parents have asked me to help them totally redesign their kitchen.  So we'll be spending Black Friday shopping for kitchen appliances and looking at cabinets.  It'll be "interesting" I'm sure, but having your parents trust you enough to tell them what to do in their home is definitely a designer milestone moment.

So safe travels and good times to all those traveling to spend time with family and loved ones.  And for those who've reached their destination and are already surrounded by family and friends--Enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Weekend to Ya!

It's Saturday!!!!!!!!! This week seemed to drag by, but the weekend has finally arrived I couldn't be more estatic. No I don't have fabulous plans of doing anything amazing, just really glad not to have to report to my 9 to 5 today.

Around here, weekends are for the kids swim lessons and of course DIY projects.   There's a wall on the 3rd floor of my house that's dying for a little paint love. That's what I'll be getting started on shortly.

So to celebrate the spririt of DIY and the arrival of the weekend, I'm sharing a couple of 'Before and Afters' with you.


This property was abandoned for a number of years when the client decided to make it the headquarters for his small business.  Floors were scuffed, scratched, and completely covered in layers of dust.  So were the walls. 

It was no easy feat but we made it work!   The floors have been refinished.  The walls and fireplace surround were cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint.   The unique carved wood seat adds interest to the space and is the perfect conversation piece. Rich silk ombre fabric frames the windows for a bit of added drama.  This is the entry room to the property and now serves as a waiting area, staged and ready to receive the client's guests and customers.

We decided to use this room as meeting room, but like the rest of the property,  the floors and walls had to be refinished. Plus that gaping hole in the wall to the left  (previously a staircase that lead to the 2nd fl) had to be closed up.   Have a look at the 'AFTER' below.

For me, the challenge in converting  a residential property for commmercial use was making sure I used the right scale pieces.  Since the rooms were pretty small, I didn't want to overcrowd the space with furniture that was too large.  Here I used very simple furnishings, muted artwork and a reflective frosted glass top "conference table" to give the room an airy feel. The glass orbs of the chandelier and chrome legs of the table help capture and spread the natural light  throughout the room.

Hope you enjoyed the Before and Afters.  I'm off to get started on the weekend.   How do you spend your weekends? Do you sleep in or are you a Weekend Warrior too?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who doesn't love a good 'Before & After'?

The one thing that keeps everyone glued to the TV on any episode of a design show or keeps you reading any design magazine is the desire to know what the 'after' will look like? What could the designer possibly have come up with to turn that crazy looking piece of furniture or space into something fab? 

Well if you love a good Before & After as much as I do, this post is for you.  The pictures below are of a project I recently completed. 


This property had been vacant for over 4 years.  The client decided to convert this room into a functional office space.  Yes its a little dark and the walls were a dusty, grimey mess, but there was potential..


Voila! A mettallic stenciled wall, apple green and mustard accents and furnishings brighten up the room.  The dark wood bookcases and desk help ground the space.
The client was pleased. But what do you think? I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drum Roll Please....My design work has been published !!

For the past few months I've been telling you that "big things" were in the works for Saudah Saleem Interiors.   Well check out the latest issue of House of Fifty Magazine which features one of the "big things" I was referring to --an awesome article on yours truly!  It's kind of  a big deal and I am beyond psyched to be a part of the magazine and featured amongst such talented women.                                                                                          

This issue is full of eye candy and packed with great design inspiration, gift giving ideas for the upcoming holiday season plus lots of fashion trends and tips.  So click here to read more of the article and let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fashion + Passion = Inspiration for Great Design

People often ask me what inspires my design and how I come up with ideas for styling a room. Well, inspiration for design can be found all around you. Designers and stylists are inspired by nature, food, architecture, technology, and, of course, fashion.  Much of today's interior design is inspired by both current and past fashion trends.  Often past fashion trends are just updated and tweaked to create a more current or "now" look.

Take this truly traditional and regal combination of emerald and gold. Now under normal circumstances, you'd be thinking either Wizard of Oz or some bad '80s throwback princess cut Dynasty dress with puffy sleeves. Ha! But with the addition of black and white accents, a traditional color combination is instantly updated.

Still with me? Ok, good. Now, take those same fashion elements from above and try to envision how they would look as design elements in a room.  Ask yourself: "How would these outfits and accessories look as living spaces?" Kinda something like this ..

Voila! Fashion translated into interior design. See how the addition of black and white (zebra mirror, graphic rug) transform an otherwise traditional room into one that's hip and chic? 

Taking something you love, are passionate about or are inspired by (i.e. fashion) and using it as design elements in your space guarantees that you'll have a space that brings you happiness as soon as you step foot inside. And that's what great design is all about right?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp Chic

So recently we packed up the sleeping bags, air mattresses, lots of snacks, plenty of bug repellent and tent and headed to Pennsylvania to go...gulp...CAMPING! Yes, I traded in my usual weekend routine of cleaning the house, starting projects, shopping, painting, moving furniture (oh did I tell you I'm a bit obsessive about rearranging the house?), and pouring over design magazines for a weekend of "outdoor adventure" with my hubby and kids.

Despite all of the amenities that the campsite had, (swimming pool, ice cream shop, miniature golf and hayrides), I found myself wondering how cool it would be if you could combine the fun of the whole camping experience with just a little more er, um, (Can't help it. It's the designer in me). I wondered to myself: "Could camping and glamour coexist?" So when we returned to civilization on Sunday afternoon, after hosing everyone down of course, I did a bit of online researching.  Apparently camping and glamour can coexist and it looks like a little something like this....

Fully equipped home away from home

How about trading in the air mattress for one of these feather beds covered with fresh linens and fluffy pillows?
and while I did appreciate the camp's indoor shower facility, which, by the way, we were told was a "bonus amenity," I would have swapped those showers for this antiqued clawfoot tub in a hearbeat. Ha!

Or for this slate tiled bathroom with glass enclosed shower, granite counters with double sinks, guest towels and...electricity! People, this bathroom is actually attached to a tent!

And after a long day of play and hiking, wouldn't it be nice to trade in the hard picnic table and bench found at most camp sites for something like this, rustic yet chic, fully set dinner table


Of course the table wouldn't be complete without these adorable gourmet Smores kits at each place setting

Even though luxury camping is probably more up my alley than actual camping, I wouldn't trade seeing the huge smiles on the kids' faces and the good time we had as a family for the featherbed, clawfoot tub, or the gourmet Smores kit. The kids had a ball and ( I'll let you in on a secret)...I did too!

Rustic Table Setting Luxury Camping Gourmet Smores

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Warm & Vibrant Color Creates A Welcoming Living Space


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