Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Since I joined Instagram a little over a year ago, I've "met" and become "insta" friends with inspiring artists, designers and creative souls like myself.  Recently while scrolling through all the pretty photos in my feed, I came across the absolutely ahh-mazing work of talented artist Amira RahimAfter seeing more of Amira's stunning work and falling in love with her bold and colorful pieces, I knew I had to share this gem of an artist with you here on the blog. 
Amira was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey--an urban melting pot with a rich history of artists and creators, and describes herself as a "big-city girl at heart.I fell in love with the range of abstracts Amira offers in contrasting and playful hues.  They are the perfect statement piece of artwork to compliment any room's design.


It's evident with just a glance at her work that Amira is passionate about color.  Her expert choice of vibrant and bold colors is simply perfection! "Captivated by color itself, I am most interested in exploring its effects on the human psyche. With acrylic mediums, I experiment with combinations of patterns and color schemes, continuously searching for the odd match, the unexpected contrasts and the soothing abodes on my canvas,"says Amira.


 Amira is primarily self-taught and says that she allows her intuition to guide her as she creates each painting.  "I enjoy creating works of art that lift my mood and bring good energy to a space." 

Amira draws her biggest inspirations from textiles, photography, and nature and is deeply influenced by the late Abstract Expressionist movement. "By exploring my own happy color fields using both vigorous and subtle brushwork, I enjoy the act of painting itself," Amira says.  "The mixing, the scraping, the wiping, the pouring of paint—all of these actions form the heart of my paintings."


Although Amira currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE with her husband, her work (originals, prints and custom pieces) can easily be purchased in the states hereIn fact, I just used one of her works of art in a design project I recently completed! Turned out pretty fabulous!

Amira is a real joy to work with.  Take a moment to view more of Amira's work here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Chic and Welcoming Entryway

 I love a home that  exudes warmth, comfort, and effortless style from the moment you walk in.  The entryway to your home gives visitors their "first impression."  It sets the stage for the rest of the house and let's guests know what they're in store for.  With lots of HomeGoods finds and a little DIY, this entryway was easily transformed from drab to fab.

Creating and styling an entryway that's both chic and welcoming is not as difficult as you may think.
We used bright color and fun, unique accessories to style this console table.  First we changed out the boring  knobs that originally came with the table and added vintage crystal knobs.  Then we added a little gold leaf to the legs of the velvet covered ottoman to add some "glam."  Next we styled the space using vibrant art and accessories.

These simple and easy additions helped breathe new life into the hallway and really helped personalize the space.

To make a great first impression in your own home, you'll need the following:

  • A Focal Point (A great mirror, wall art or poster will do)
  • Smart Storage (Find ways to store things "in plain sight."  In this hallway, we used that lacquered trinket box to hide keys, change, and other things you'd grab on the way out the door)
  • Style (What makes your home unique to you is your own personal style.  Introduce guests to your personal style as soon as they arrive.  A vibrant floral canvas, found seashell, gilded tusk, a unique lamp, and personal books were used to create interest while hinting at the owner's love for adventure, travel and style)
What do you think? Are you inspired to revamp an area in your home? Want to create a more welcoming entryway in your home? Contact me here today!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PROJECT REVEAL: Family-Friendly Bohemian Chic Living Room

My client for this living room revamp is a stylish busy mom and wife who, thanks to her awesome job, gets to travel to all sorts of exotic locations.  Despite her amazing and fabulous life, when she's home she prefers a simple, no fuss, clean lined look with pops of color and a nod to the eclectic/global chic style. 
The client contacted me for help with creating a look that reflects her personality, was very simple and clean lined but still welcoming and comfortable to family and occasional guests while hinting at her well-traveled sense of style.

Here's what we came up with.

Although the drapes are rich and dark navy blue and the antique rug features a busy print, the room is still calming thanks to the simple contemporary lines of the white leather seating and no-fuss wall color.  This design embodies the "less is more" spirit by using neutral colored larger pieces like the sofa and chair and accenting them with a small selection printed pillows.   The oversized mercury glass lamps were great HomeGoods finds and really complimented the Savafieh end tables.
We were able to use one of my favorite materials in this design - lucite!  I love using lucite because the transparent surface practically disappears in the space, taking up no visual space. Lucite furniture not only allows provides function, it actually adds to the style of the space.  If you look closely, you'll notice that we used a lucite coffee table to make sure that the view of that gorgeous rug remains unobstructed from all angles of the room.

Here's the original design board I pulled together.  As you can see, we stuck pretty close to the design plan for this room.  With exception of a few pieces, the end result incorporates many of the same elements found in the design plan. 

Although my client loved the mirror in the design plan, we chose to use a family heirloom instead.  The mirror that now hangs over the sofa belonged to my client's grandmother.  Grandma had great taste right?! Antiques and family heirlooms make the best conversation pieces and instantly personalize any space. 

My client loved the final look of the room. Happy client = Happy Designer 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Client Approved: Serene Bedroom with Jewel Tone Accents

CLIENT APPROVED!  Here’s a sneak peek at an E-Design I recently presented to a client.  She wanted to refresh and update her master bedroom with rich pops of jewel tone color but still maintain a serene feel.   Pale gray walls, deep violet and fuchsia bedding, chartreuse drapes plus chic silver trimmed and mirrored accents accomplished just that.  She loved the look!


Just for fun, I thought I'd show you both options I presented. This look features lighter bedding but still incorporates lots of the jewel tones she loves. Using the same wall color and larger pieces as a foundation (e. rug, headboard, night stands), I created a great alternative look.

My client thought both designs refelcted her personality and lifestyle and actually decide to go with both looks!   She's going to use the lighter look in the summer and transition to the more intense color (Look #1) during the winter months. Updating your space with the changing seasons is always a great idea !  

What are your thoughts? Which look do you prefer? 

Want a new look but need help re-envisioning your space? Contact me here for more information on the design services we offer : Let's chat!

Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Ways To Add Global Flair to Your Space

It was love at first sight when I saw this headboard in a recent issue of House Beautiful magazine.  Talk about a show stopper!  The gorgeous curves and lines, the elaborate architectural detail, and the finish of this Thai screen turned headboard from are stunning! Those unique details plus the fact that an upholstered velvet backing was added create a completely one-of-a-kind look in this bedroom. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! This look is a great example of Global Chic done right.
In interior design, Global Chic typically refers to a blending and layering of contemporary, polished home decor with global influence and often employs the use of graphic patterns.  A good mix of global elements and natural materials, exotic textiles, and accent pieces with a rustic finish give a space depth and character and are key to creating a Global Chic look. 

Here are 5 simple ways to add some Global Sophistication to your space:
  1. Layer Your Rugs. Try layering rugs of different texture and/or pattern to add visual interest and to enrich the look of the space.
  2. Use textiles (pillows, throws, drapes, etc.) with graphic pattern and rich color like the Suzani pillows seen here.
  3. Incorporate accents made out of natural materials like hand carved wood.  Rustic and intricately carved pieces such as this artisanal mango wood coffee table.
  4. Anchor the space with neutrals.  Global chic isn't about filling your space with internationally inspired trinkets.  To successfully pull off the look, select and pair exotic accents with more classic, clean-lined furniture and neutral pieces.  This will anchor your space as seen in this photo below.
  5. Use artifacts and pieces from different countries and cultures to help create a well-traveled, one-of-a-kind look. 
Need inspiration for your global chic update? Need help adding some global flair to a space? Contact me here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big News!! We're HomeGoods Happy

I'm so excited to announce Saudah Saleem Interior's collaboration with HomeGoods!! I was one of 4 new designers chosen from across the country this year to represent HomeGoods on Pinterest!   Each week I'll be sharing photos and design and styling tips with the HomeGoods Pinterest audience of over 90,000 people!! 
Honestly, no matter the project size or budget, HomeGoods is my “go-to” spot for finding amazing and unique accents and furnishings to update both my home and clients spaces.  As a participant in the Happy By Design program, I'll be sharing creative ideas for using everyday HomeGoods finds to really personalize, style, refresh, renew and re-imagine your living spaces.  

Here are some goodies I spotted on a recent trip to HomeGoods.

  Lots of great accents in stock just in time for springtime decorating.

I couldn't resist grabbing a few pieces. I picked up this runner and tableware in gorgeous hues of blue and green - they'll be perfect for an impromptu Spring Soiree!

To check out daily inspiring pins and designer tips, join me and the other super talented designers here!  I'm really looking forward to sharing my passion with others.  I'm honored to be featured alongside such a stellar cast of designers from all around the country and am truly grateful for your continued support.  I do hope you'll follow along on this exciting journey.

This post is sponsored by HomeGoods and Happy By Design. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Spring "Refresh" for A Sweet Girl's Homework Nook

Spring is officially here! What better way to welcome the new season than to do a little freshening up around the house?  Typically we talk about making changes to our own living space, but what about the kids?  Why not get them on board with sprucing up their own space too?  Just as adults need a retreat after a day at work, kids often require a place to decompress after longs days at school. 

This was the idea behind a simple "refresh" I did for my clients' sweet daughter.  My clients wanted to create a comfortable space for their daughter that would inspire her and make her feel special.  My client and her husband each have home offices but wanted a designated space in the house for their young daughter to work. They wanted to create a sense of ownership for their daughter, an area she could call her own.  After a conversation with the client's daughter, we decided to carve out a space in their daughter's room where she could do homework, read, write, stash keepsakes, be motivated and be inspired. 

Here are the results: A fun, light, airy, happy homework nook!
Here's what we did:

Step 1 Update the look.My clients already had this great desk and hutch, but after years of being exposed to the kids, it had seen better days.  We added a fresh coat of paint to the desk and hutch and replaced old and missing knobs with gorgeous vintage glass drawer knobs. 
Step 2 Make the space functional by adding cork board to the hutch and then covering the cork board with  a modern patterned chevron paper.
Step 3 Incorporate cute usable storage by adding the storage ottoman that's perfect for tucking away toys and books and can double as extra seating.  We also bought in some faux leather keepsake boxes from HomeGoods to store her precious photos and jewelry.
Step 4 Repeat design elements.  The glass ball table lamp goes perfectly with the glass knobs on the drawers.
Step 5 Personalize the space by adding ribbon, in her favorite colors, to the lampshade.  Monograms are a great way to personalize a space. Painting an over-sized initial "A" (the first letter of her name) reinforces the idea that this space is just for her.
Step 6 Add a touch of whimsy to keep things fun and youthful!  The bright colored paper flowers, furry pillow, custom painted desk chair and overall happy color scheme of the accessories were a hit with my client's daughter.

We didn't stop there.  We decided to add some spring flair to other areas of the room as well.  Below is a shot of the dresser I painted and topped off with bright yellow tassels for a fun touch.  We used a porcelain cake tray to hold her strands of beads while the vintage silver cup serves as a landing spot for her bracelets.

Both my clients and their daughter loved the look.  The look is simple enough to build upon with accessories and personal touches as my client's daughter gets older.

 What spring touches are you adding to your space?  Need help with ideas for welcoming spring with your decor, contact me at saudah@saudahsaleem.com